about - Ben Loka | Design, Photography & Film in London
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A freelancer founded on the principles of Honesty, Clarity, Simplicity.

Ben Loka is a designer, photographer, writer, animator and creative living in London. He initially completed his studies with a BA (hons) in English and Linguistics, transitioning to work as a magazine editor, and now an experienced designer of 11 years. Fusing a unique combination of innovative copywriting and eye-catching marketing content, he is adept in producing campaigns that stretch the imagination, whilst maintaining consistent brand identity across both digital and print platforms. He is a former head of design at DMG Media and currently available for freelance projects.


Ben lived as a monk for 3 years, an experience that demanded deep focus, patience and introspection, but one that ultimately would equip him with the mindful vision to see his calling in life: To make websites about himself.


He has worked both small and large businesses across the corporate, charity, entertainment, commercial and education sectors. A keen event photographer with a love of nature and learning, and video blogger  with a viewership of 4 million. When he’s not taking pictures, designing or meditating, Ben also enjoys writing about himself in the third person.